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Finally, we are pleased to realise the nationwide distribution after three and a half years research and development, having strengthened our continuing desire to deliver secure and safe water to everyone.

In spite of the abundant water resources in Japan, it has become more and more common that we purchase our bottled drinking water in shops, convenience stores and supermarkets, or use a home delivery service to supply an exclusive water dispenser, for the sake of the need of more secure and delicious water. Nowadays, this tendency has been increasing among health-conscious consumers who aspire secure and safe water.
However, buying and carrying a heavy water bottles were painful, even if a bottle was delivered at home, and women and elderly people used to face so many hardships to lift or to move because of its inevitable heaviness.
Furthermore, our customers were often bothered by the unavailability of night and weekend delivery and we continuously hoped to solve this problem. We thus spent three and a half years to develop a new container made of new materials, instead of conventional bottles, then we could substantiate the current brand-new "eco-bag water".

Our new product "FLAIR" [patent pending] contains 6.2 litres - it is very light compared to the conventional products of 12 litres. Now even women and elderly people can easily exchange the water containers.
As a result of this innovative container, it has become possible to deliver by home delivery service, recording about 85% reduction of wastes, and in this manner, the conventional container has been transformed into environment‐friendly products. We also realised a reasonable "wallet-friendly" price devising a drastic cost reduction.

We continue to hope your patronage of our new products "FLAIR", enclosing my sincere application to have this opportunity to deliver secure, safe, reasonable, light-weight, ecological and delicious "Water of Senri" to everyone.

Altesse Co.,Ltd.
President Isao Morikawa

Company Profile

Altesse Co.,Ltd. provides the environment‐friendly eco-bag water "FLAIR" which easily penetrates into every corner of the body and is ideal for health maintenance.
Company Name Altesse Co.,Ltd.
Date of Establishment 15 February, 2003
Capital 80 million JPY
Headquaters 4-8-1 Minamishojaku, Suita-shi
564-0012 Osaka
Suita Distribution Centre 4-8-1 Minamishojaku, Suita-shi
564-0012 Osaka
Phone number Toll-free 0120-377-388
FAX number Toll-free 0120-033-616
Homepage http://www.altesse.jp/
Representative President Isao Morikawa
Business Nationwide sale and wholesale of Fuji vanadium natural water "Fuji Seiryu Sui"
Research and development of water products and related equipments
Development and training of agents and distributors related to the above
Publication of Altesse news "Think water and health"
Group companies DAIKICHI Co.,Ltd.
Velero Co.,Ltd.
Akatori Institute Co.,Ltd.
Daikichi Rent All Corporation
Yakushi Co.,Ltd.
Matsui Shoji Co.,Ltd.
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